The Cancer
The Cancer

The Cancer

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Moody and enchanting, our arrangement for Cancer season embodies the Crab’s deep and mystical essence. Vibrant locally grown stems like zinnia, snapdragon, and rudbeckia echo the sign's passionate and nurturing spirit. Delicate scabiosa adds a touch of whimsy, much like Cancers subtle whispers of intuition. And of course no sensitive crab would be complete without their claws for defense, represented here by exotic Protea. The sunset color palette evokes the cozy glow of a summer evening, reminiscent of Cancer's love for comfort and home. Presented in a sleek, modern black vessel, this arrangement exudes a sense of mystery and allure, perfect for those drawn to the emotional depths of the Cancer zodiac sign.

Images shown are examples of arrangements that we’ve designed with the given price point. We very often have to use stems and containers that are available. We will do our best to accommodate your requests and assure your arrangement will be beautiful, nonetheless.

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