The Gemini

The Gemini

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The Gemini, 

Ruled by the planet Mercury which represents the mind and intellect. An air sign, they are the social butterflies of the zodiac: These quick-witted twins can talk to anyone about anything. Find them buzzing between happy hours, dinner parties, and dance floors.

 The Gemini arrangement is bursting with colorful blooms. Peonies, Allium, Hyacinth, Marigold, and dancing Oncidium, inside an oil slick colored vase. Setting the tone for the start of summer and PRIDE!

As the Gemini dates land in the start Pride Month we are partnering up with Sad Boy Ceramics, Nathan Spalding, and his Queer Clay Nights. We will be donating a portion of the sales to Queer Clay Nights! Nathan believes finances shouldn't be an obstacle to queer spaces or the arts, and we believe so as well. Did you know, LGBTQ+ people collectively experience higher rate of poverty than cisgender straight people? Let's show our love and support to the LGBTQ+ community and support the queer arts in our community!

If you wish to help more please reach out to the Wildflower team at

Images shown are examples of arrangements that we’ve designed with the given price point. We very often have to use stems and containers that are available. We will do our best to accommodate your requests and assure your arrangement will be beautiful, nonetheless.

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